Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I have in recent weeks moved back home to Stornoway after 10 years living off the island. It is strange and nice to be back, bumping into people I haven't seen for years etc.
Donald has been missing for just over a year now and I don't believe he is any longer in this world.
I am currently occupied with sifting through his stuff to create some necessary space in the house. It is a sad exercise, as any bereaved person will understand.
That said, this is not over. TV people have been in touch and appear to be keen to make a documentary. They have spoken about the possibility of a trip to Turkey to film us looking for clues.
Any search of the mountain would obviously be nothing more than a search for what remains of him - if anything at all.
No, this would be an investigation to find out what happened to him.
My life is up in the air just now and will take time to settle, so I cannot say when anything will be done.
Time will tell.


  1. Hi Derick. I was living in Turkey when Donald went missing and Jeremy Wiles asked me to translate quite a few documents from and into Turkish for him to go searching. I wish I could have done more. You and your whole family are in my thoughts still. Jay

  2. You are still our prayers and we hope very much the Lord will continue to sustain and encourage you.

    Maybe He still has a miracle for you...I wish so much it would be so!