Friday, 28 September 2012

I found the elusive Musa today.  I say 'elusive' because I had always been told that he was living at the the other end of Turkey.  I really didn't expect to see him.  I went to his village which is pictured above in the distance.  Mount Ararat is in cloud to the right.  I met his father.  Musa was Donald's best friend over here for  years.  He used to stay in his father's house with the family, I was in the room that Donald used to sleep in today.
It had been reported to me long ago that 'Musa was a bad man' and so on.  Well, I asked him all the questions I could think of and at the end of the day what can you do?  I can't just assume someone is lying - how truthful are the ones that criticised him?  He did have fond memories of Donald and even shed tears.  I am not saying that proves anything but I must give people the benefit of the doubt.
My guide and interpreter Zaffa has told me that the town has 'come alive' because I am here, and people everywhere are talking about it - word has got around.  He said, 'The red lights are flashing in the town.'  That is plainly the reason such decisive things happened yesterday and today.
Zaffa took me to the Mosque today (Friday prayers).  I had to get out after a bit.  It depressed me (enough said for the moment).

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