Thursday, 9 December 2010

Since my last post I have been told (this information came from a local source in Dogubayazit, the town at the foot of Ararat) that the AKUT team consisted of only 6 men, that they did not want to be there, didn't reach the height Donald reached, slept just one night on the mountain and then, went home.
If that is true, then they have done no searching and their chairman has lied to me.
I do know that they didn't reach the height that Donald reached; because his last communication was from 14,700ft, and the chairman of AKUT told me that his people only reached 10,500ft.
But he told me that they climbed the mountain on Monday, began searching on Tuesday and continued until today (Thursday) - three days of searching.
My source tells me that the Turkish government just wanted to put on a "show" of searching, and in reality doesn't care at all and isn't in the least bit interested.
He tells me that AKUT are lying to me.
I certainly believe the Turkish government are not interested - that is what I expected at the start and that is what I expect still.
Throughout our telephone conversation earlier (previous post), Ali Nasuh Mahruki (AKUT chairman) was adamant that he did not want me to share the information he had given me with anyone. I could not persuade him otherwise (and I tried for ages). Until, that is, the moment I told him I was going to do it anyway (because he couldn't give me a good reason why I shouldn't post it on this blog).
I could hardly believe the change.
Suddenly he said: "It's no big deal, I'm not really bothered anyway."
From one extreme to the other.
At the beginning of our conversation he had stated that they had seen "armed men" and "terrorist activity" on the mountain, and for their own safety had to leave, immediately adding that I must not tell anyone. But as soon as he knew that it was going on the blog whether he liked it or not, suddenly he "wasn't bothered" about it, and said, that they did not know if the men were armed, and that they saw only two of them and at night.
You may well ask the old question - "So who's lying here?"

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