Monday, 27 December 2010

We are told the weather conditions on Ararat at this time of year are too severe for attempts at climbing, and that we have to wait until spring before the mountain can be searched.
The thing is, we have to establish whether Donald is on the mountain or not before we can progress properly.
Frustratingly, we feel as if there is nothing we can really do at the moment.
But we have been told there is a man in the region of whom locals are suspicious: they think he knows something about what happened to Donald. That is all we have heard. We know the man's name.
It seems that without being actually over there, there is nothing that can really be done - eastern Turkey is like the Wild West.


  1. Thanks for the update Derick - I'm hoping you're all bearing up and that it won't be too long before you learn what's happened to Donald.

  2. Only just heard the news of this via an acquaintance of the family. I have a friend who undertook a similar expedition about 29yrs ago, but he unfortunately doesn't have any current contacts within the area. We can only offer our prayers in support.