Thursday, 18 November 2010

Burhan was searching at the higher levels again yesterday, but there was three feet of snow covering the mountain. Still no sign.
I suppose we can draw a small measure of hope from the fact that no sign of any equipment (tent etc.) has been found, though I think it is possible for this to be buried under the snow. Still, we live in hope that he is not on the mountain but possibly being held by some group.
His van was found intact where he left it at the foot of the mountain. The police have taken it to the police station in Dogubayazit (nearest town to Ararat, pronounced "doe-u-bay-zit").
We are in the process of setting up a fund in the Bank of Scotland which people can contribute to if they wish to. We will keep you updated with that on this blog.
Remembering that God is the giver of our providences. It's for our good.
Thanks, Derick.


  1. Thanks from me too - it would be good to have Donald amongst us here once again.