Monday, 29 November 2010

I have just phoned Ali Nasuh Mahruki (Chairman of AKUT mountain rescue people) in Turkey. He informed me a few days ago that a new search was starting today.
He has just informed me that due to adverse weather conditions on the mountain (heavy snow), they have not started the search. But he tells me that they will be monitoring the weather with the intention of beginning the search in the next few days.

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  1. Donald Mackenzie is mentioned in Randall's Price report on the Ark hoax that led Donald Mackenzie to climb this post flood volcano:


    "The sensational manner in which NAMI has publicized its claim will have dangerous unintended consequences. In October 2010, 47-year old British Ark explorer Donald Mackenzie went looking for the NAMI site and was reported missing on October 14th. His mother Margaret Mackenzie said “he was keen to return this year
    after a Chinese group claimed to have found the remains of the boat” (Richard Williams, “British Man Goes Missing On Noah’s Ark Search” Sky News Online November 9, 2010). Although Mr. Mackenzie regularly climbed Mt. Ararat, the NAMI site(s) is impossible to locate because it is not a natural cave, but constructed inside the crevasses
    of the glacier and hidden by rockslides and snow. Thus, the sensational way NAMI has handled their claim may have now contributed to one man’s death with others to follow.