Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I recently said on this blog that I was having doubts over the truthfulness of reports about a proper search team which was supposed to be heading for the mountain.
Well, my friend and ex-colleague Stornoway based Freelance Journalist Iain (X.) Maciver saw my post and swung into action. He leaped onto his phone and eventually managed to wrangle his way through or over the various barriers (language etc.) to the chairman of the AKUT search and rescue association in Turkey.
According to what the chairman told Iain, not one, but two teams are due to assemble at the foot of Ararat on Saturday. We are told they will then begin a proper search of the mountain.
If they find Donald, then, that will perhaps, be that.
But if they don't find him, the next part of the plan will be set in motion.

I must thank all the people who have been visiting my mother in Stornoway during this very difficult time. It is greatly appreciated. But there is one problem - she's wondering how on earth she's going to manage to eat all the home baking (nice dufs - a big piece has ended up here in Edinburgh) people have brought.
I have an idea: when you go to see her make sure you sit down, have a cup of tea and scoff as much of your own baking as you can manage.
Again, many thanks.


  1. I would like to have a recording of the documentary that is airing on BBC 10/4/13. How can I get that?

  2. Forgot to mention I live in the US. Can't seem to access BBC over here...