Tuesday, 16 November 2010

By Derick Mackenzie.

It’s been seven weeks since anyone has heard anything from Donald. That was a text message sent to his Turkish friend Musa from 14,700 ft. up Ararat. The picture on the right is thought to be the last picture taken of Donald before his disappearance, it was taken in the town at the foot of Ararat.

A search team consisting of 4 men began a search of the mountain yesterday. This team is being led by a Turkish man local to the Ararat area who has climbed the mountain a number of times, his name is Burhan, he is on the left in the other picture.

The latest report tells us that because they ascended so quickly, three of the 4 climbers are experiencing migraine headaches due to the altitude and have been unable to continue, so Burhan left them at 11,500 ft. and continued searching on his own. He has been searching at the 14,700ft. point in various dangerous areas like gullies and so on, with still no sign of Donald.

Tomorrow will be the last full day of the search.

The costs of this search are to be met completely by family and friends, the Turkish authorities seem utterly uninterested.

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  1. The fact that his last text message was from 14,700 feet is eerie. 14,700 feet is the altitude that Edward Emerson Crawford published on his discovery tech sketch.